Somehow I went my entire life without seeing this quote:

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away -Philip K Dick

This insight suggests an experiment that will universally sort out right from wrong. Do you believe something? Stop believing in it, just for a little while, and see if it goes away.


God: When I stopped believing he was doing everything, other explanations presented themselves.

Trump: When I stopped believing he was looking out for the average Joe, I noticed he really seems to be doing the exact opposite.

Climate Change: When I stopped believing the science on climate change was solid, it got more solid, and more and more. It's not going away.

Take the "Reality" challenge and experiment with setting YOUR beliefs aside for a while to see how they hold up! In fact, this brilliantly summarizes the true meaning of the word "Skepticism", a practice that, when combined with the protection of free speech provides the cement for an incredibly solid foundation upon which to build a civilization.