RDM (YA/SciFi/Adventure): Reviews and Interviews!

Sure, the cover art is cool and the description sounds pretty awesome, but the question you keep asking yourself is, "What do people who read the book think about it?" Well there's no need to ask yourself that when you could be asking people who've read the book. Unless you've read it, in which case asking yourself would make an awful lot of sense. You, after all, probably have a lot in common and share similar tastes in literature.

Also, am I sensing that part of you was hoping I'd answer a bunch of really smart questions about writerly things? Answers to questions that can only be described as "Authorific." If you haven't been thinking/hoping any of these things then I apologize. I may have been slightly mislead by my psychic life coach, Shawn Spencer.*

Still, check out the links below. These folks work hard, reading tons of books and writing articles about each one just to give other readers a better idea of what stories they themselves might like. Give their sites a look-see and you're bound to discover a lot of great new books. Also, mine :)







*Shawn Spencer is not a real psychic, nor is he a certified life coach. I'm beginning to suspect he may not actually exist.