Hiatus OVER!

Well, I'm not done with anything just yet, and the Robinsons are still (unfortunately) waiting, as I know many of you are, but I've been busy with two new projects and will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for one of them in the next few weeks.

DETAILS: The first project out the door is a middle-grade book called "From Nothing Until Now". It's the true story of our origins based on our best scientific understanding, and told as a tale in three parts. More details to come soon. I will also be publishing the text of the book in its entirety, right here. The story is done, but it cries out for illustration and that's where the Kickstarter comes in. I'll post again when it goes live.

The prime time-sink keeping me away has been another project that is around the 75% mark. I do have a title (and even a book cover) but I can't share it quite yet. I can say it is not a story, it's a nonfiction book for teens and adults, but I promise it will be far more interesting than that sounds. More I cannot say, but I will have more to say soon :)