Science Fact: Victoria's New Heart

Some of you have been speculating about Victoria's new heart. Well, I can confirm it is not  alien in nature. It's actually based on real earth-man technology that's in development right now. Take a look at this design for an actual artificial heart:

Learning from the success of impeller-based LVAD units and the failures of previous intermittent-pump designs for artificial hears, the BiVACOR® artificial heart features a single moving part, driven by electromagnets and providing impeller force to two different fluid systems simultaneously (the blood going to the lungs and the blood going to the rest of the body).

Even more genius, because the double-sided impeller acts as a divider between two artificial ventricles, it can float to either side as needed to compensate on the fly for the pressure differential between the two systems.

If your head hurts, don't worry, it's pure genius of the highest order. In a nutshell, it does everything an artificial heart needs to do in a form-factor small enough to implant in an 8-year old child and with an engineering design elegant and simple enough that it just might be able to achieve everything its predecessors had ever aspired to.