Why Should I Care About Net Neutrality?

I just watched a fantastic video (link below) . I highly recommend checking it out, but here's the short version:

Imagine if your electric company suddenly offered to lower your monthly bill slightly, but you could only power certain brand devices. If you want to plug in a device that HASN'T cut a special deal with the electric company, you have to pay extra. Certain devices may not be supported at all.

That's what the internet service providers are trying to do to your internet connection. Big companies that can afford to pay the ISP's for "Fast Track" service are just as fast as they are now, maybe even faster, and everybody else is dial-up speeds.

Do you ever go to websites not in the base package? No problem. Just buy an upgrade bundle that includes the website you like. Think: Cable Television.

If you've heard of Net Neutrality, but don't know why you should care, watch this video: http://www.theinternetmustgo.com/