BBiQ™, A Brain for Your Barbecue

The guts of the base-model BBiQ™ prototype.

The guts of the base-model BBiQ™ prototype.

Some of you might recall a little while back I was tinkering with an arduino-based grill gadget.

I continued building on that hardware design, got the firmware firmed up, and Patrick wrote a very nice app based on the ambitious framework we came up with. Next stop, Kickstarter. 

The basic idea is this: Anyone can instantly become a grillmaster with virtually no effort, while simultaneously freeing themselves from the normal chains that barbecue hosts so often find themselves bound by.

Tell the BBiQ™ app what you're cooking and simply follow the directions. Stick the probe(s) into your food as directed, open the tin foil on the wings or flip the burgers when your phone notifies you, take the food off the grill when the app tells you it's ready. In short: impress your guests with great food while putting in less effort and actually enjoying your own barbecues.

We will officially begin making our case for crowdfunding in the next week or so. In the meantime, check out our site at and follow us @TheBBiQ on Twitter.