RDM (YA/SciFi/Adventure): Reviews and Interviews!

Sure, the cover art is cool and the description sounds pretty awesome, but the question you keep asking yourself is, "What do people who read the book think about it?" Well there's no need to ask yourself that when you could be asking people who've read the book. Unless you've read it, in which case asking yourself would make an awful lot of sense. You, after all, probably have a lot in common and share similar tastes in literature.

Also, am I sensing that part of you was hoping I'd answer a bunch of really smart questions about writerly things? Answers to questions that can only be described as "Authorific." If you haven't been thinking/hoping any of these things then I apologize. I may have been slightly mislead by my psychic life coach, Shawn Spencer.*

Still, check out the links below. These folks work hard, reading tons of books and writing articles about each one just to give other readers a better idea of what stories they themselves might like. Give their sites a look-see and you're bound to discover a lot of great new books. Also, mine :)







*Shawn Spencer is not a real psychic, nor is he a certified life coach. I'm beginning to suspect he may not actually exist. 

Dark Matter Update: New Pitch/Synopsis

As most of you know, I'm deep into writing the second Robinsons novel, The Robinsons' Quantum Entanglement. I needed a bit of a break so I decided to write the "pitch" for that story. The pitch is what you might send to a prospective agent or publisher, and often finds its way in one form or other onto the inside flap or the back of the book.

This is harder than it might seem, because I need to take everything that I know happens and condense it down to the most interesting tidbits, without giving too much away, and then describe those events in the most exciting way possible while also being very concise.

After a while of working on that my brain hurt, so I decided to take a break from that  by re-writing the pitch for The Robinsons' Dark Matter . I know, it is probably not healthy that all my breaks from writing involve more writing, but there you have it.

This may change again next week, but for the time being I'm rather excited. The old description was a little too Middle Grade. Someone said it reminded them of Goosebumps . The new description is more appropriate for YA:

Victoria Robinson was alone. She had no friends, her brother Nate thought she was a conspiracy nut, and their parents were never home. Then she stumbled across a cache of alien technology in their basement, her brother went hand-to-hand with a zombie, and their parents were kidnapped with a ballistic teleporter. Things got a little crazy after that.
The teens soon find themselves facing a mysterious enemy and forging a tenuous alliance with a top-secret government agency in a race to rescue their parents...and save the planet. Along the way they uncover pieces of their parents' past and become unwitting pawns in a dangerous and elaborate game.

Check out The Robinsons' Dark Matter on Amazon here.

BBiQ™ Kickstarter is LIVE!

Grilling Ahi Tuna with the BBiQ™

Grilling Ahi Tuna with the BBiQ™

If you've been following me for a while then you already know that the BBiQ™ is a brain for your barbecue, but today I'm excited to announce that Patrick Smith and I have officially launched our Kickstarter campaign.

Click here to check out our Kickstarter page, learn more about the BBiQ™ and watch our video. Please facebook and tweet about the project!

Thanks to everyone who has already supported us! 



Win an Autographed Copy of The Robinsons' Dark Matter!

The Robinsons' Dark Matter is a YA/SciFi novel about a brother and sister from Colorado who discover their parents aren’t exactly what they seem. It is currently available from Barnes & NobleIndie BoundAbe BooksAlibris, and Amazon in Paperback and also for Kindle! 

Enter the giveaway, already in progress on Goodreads. Nearly 200 people have already entered, and I've got 3 copies to give away!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Robinsons' Dark Matter by Michael  Raymond

The Robinsons' Dark Matter

by Michael Raymond

Giveaway ends July 22, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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The Robinsons' Dark Matter (Teen / SciFi) Giveaway!

Starting today on Goodreads I'm giving away three copies of The Robinsons' Dark Matter. If you didn't pick up a hardcopy of the book yet, this could be your chance! It's one of those 9" tall x 6" wide paperbacks, 382 pages with print that's actually a nice size and won't make your eyes bleed.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Robinsons' Dark Matter by Michael Raymond

The Robinsons' Dark Matter

by Michael Raymond

Giveaway ends July 22, 2013.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

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BBiQ™, A Brain for Your Barbecue

The guts of the base-model BBiQ™ prototype.

The guts of the base-model BBiQ™ prototype.

Some of you might recall a little while back I was tinkering with an arduino-based grill gadget.

I continued building on that hardware design, got the firmware firmed up, and Patrick wrote a very nice app based on the ambitious framework we came up with. Next stop, Kickstarter. 

The basic idea is this: Anyone can instantly become a grillmaster with virtually no effort, while simultaneously freeing themselves from the normal chains that barbecue hosts so often find themselves bound by.

Tell the BBiQ™ app what you're cooking and simply follow the directions. Stick the probe(s) into your food as directed, open the tin foil on the wings or flip the burgers when your phone notifies you, take the food off the grill when the app tells you it's ready. In short: impress your guests with great food while putting in less effort and actually enjoying your own barbecues.

We will officially begin making our case for crowdfunding in the next week or so. In the meantime, check out our site at http://BBiQ.co and follow us @TheBBiQ on Twitter.


Don't Forget to Review The Robinsons' Dark Matter!

If you've read The Robinsons' Dark Matter, don't forget to post your review on Amazon! It takes less than a minute and will help other people discover the novel for themselves. 

To those who have already reviewed my novel, thank you very, very much. I'm overwhelmed by how positive the response has been and I promise you that I am knee-deep in writing the sequel right this moment.

Well, not this exact moment, but you know what I mean.     :)


The Robinsons' Dark Matter is FREE...for 2 days only.

What more is there to say? Download it, read it, and review it!

Not sure what on earth it is? The Robinsons' Dark Matter is a classic adventure, a thrilling young-adult science-fiction novel with cross-generation appeal. Read on!

When Victoria Robinson told her brother their parents were secretly aliens, Nate assumed his younger sister was just spinning her usual conspiracy theories. After their front door was broken down in the middle of the night and both parents were abducted by bizarre assailants armed with teleporting tazers, he didn’t know what to believe.

The siblings soon find themselves facing a mysterious enemy that wants Earth for itself, and forge a tenuous alliance with a top-secret government agency in a race to save the planet…and rescue Mom & Dad. Along the way they uncover pieces of their parents’ past and the teenagers begin to realize that both sides are manipulating them in a dangerous and elaborate game.

Get it now, right here!

*Thanks so much for taking the time to tell others about Nate and Victoria! Your reviews mean a lot and I can't thank you enough.

Original Artwork

The new cover artwork being done by Anthony is almost finalized, but while we wait I figured I'd post some of the original concept sketches done by Lauren. They include the original cover, the "Door in the Floor", the broken door from Chapter 3, the drums from Nate's music class, and a little something from the desk of General Trotter.


I've been working on a hardware/software project for a little while now and it's starting to get to a point of maturity.  It's a really cool gadget that will allow you to use an app on your phone to keep track of food cooking on a barbecue (or elsewhere) and have it come out perfect every time.

The killer feature is being able to manage multiple items at once, telling you when to put each item on the grill, when to turn it, and when to take it off. Right now we're finishing up the first prototype and working on a smaller, streamlined second prototype. After that we're producing a video and submitting to Kickstarter.  Will post updates here.

The first prototype isn't pretty, but it works.

The first prototype isn't pretty, but it works.

Artwork Update

Anthony just sent me the latest revision of the RDM cover. Needs an apostrophe and touch-ups in a couple of spots, but overall I'm loving it!

f you haven't had a chance to read the first chapter yet, it's available here. Kindle release should be the first week in June (other launches later in the year).


Cover Art for The Robinsons' Dark Matter, May 18 revision

Cover Art for The Robinsons' Dark Matter, May 18 revision

First novel...sort of

Technically speaking, this is my fifth (or something) novel, but it is the first one I've ever released into the wild.  The Robinsons' Dark Matter has made its way through alpha readers and several beta reads, and I'm polishing up a few rough edges before publishing.

good friend of mine, Anthony Manes is finishing up the cover artwork.  If all goes according to plan the book should launch June 1 on Amazon.  I expect to launch on Nook and in print sometime later this year, although the dates are still in flux.